wedding in Como lake , villa d'Este

North Moutains

For centuries, Norwegians have used the mountains as a tonic for the stresses of modern life. From all over the country, no matter their social background, people migrate to the mountains during weekends and holidays,

Cozy Home

To ease integration into your home, take into consideration where your cat came from. Was she staying in a cage, in a room, or in a foster home? Were there other cats living with her or was she alone? Was the

Hero Dogs

Dogs are adored the world over for being friends, allies and trusty dispensers of unconditional love. But sometimes they do even more, saving humans’ lives and helping them in other profound ways. People have always

Obvious Or Not

The grey-coloured, hazy filters give it a sun soaked feel, as if the bright weather is adding to the heightened tension between man and nature. The smooth editing delivers a professional cut to the photo and creates

Middle Forest

This may be all covert and darkly duplicitous, but the exterior aesthetic, at least appears to be the complete polar opposite. One of the most successful stylistic elements is the photographic pallet. Dappled sunlight,