Middle Forest

This may be all covert and darkly duplicitous
Middle Forest

About the project

This may be all covert and darkly duplicitous, but the exterior aesthetic, at least appears to be the complete polar opposite. One of the most successful stylistic elements is the photographic pallet.

Dappled sunlight, verdant tress and wide-open fields, seek to emphasise the sense of human isolation, but the antithesis between tacking clinically cold and complex contemporary subject matter, but with a warm visual style, makes for a refreshing juxtaposition.

This may also be deceptive, and is broken up by the chill of intriguing graphic inserts displaying those flat, grey, restlessly ever-disconcerting algorithms. The score too, (its inclusion all the more vital, when accounting for artistic constraints), is appropriately digitised and equally capricious. Its main shortcoming is the monotone of its pacing. here’s almost no variation of impact throughout.

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