Obvious Or Not

The grey-coloured, hazy filters
Obvious Or Not

About the project

The grey-coloured, hazy filters give it a sun soaked feel, as if the bright weather is adding to the heightened tension between man and nature. The smooth editing delivers a professional cut to the photo and creates the right amount of pace to keep you interested in the photo as it unfolds.

The camera provides an intrusive and claustrophobic atmosphere by delivering a collage of intense close ups, out of focus mid range shots, and jolting, sharp cuts which elicit a feeling of discomfort for the viewer.

By capturing the core of the idea and building on it with the framing, the visuals never feel lacking in meaning. This is powerful photo making and something to be applauded. There do exist, however, some glaring flaws in Cohen’s photo, in particular the dialogue. Shallow and full of bro’s, buddy’s, and boy banter, the lines.

Client AD Co.
Torino, 2013