Coffee Flavour

Coffee Flavour

About the project

Coffee opens with a noir setting, housing a bored barista contemplating intense inner thoughts concerning atheism and religion. His attempts to develop his ideas are repeatedly thwarted by unaware, uninterested customers until he eventually has his inspiration drained altogether.

Consciously made in brown and white, Hughes is brilliantly aware of the tone he wants to create with his photo making. Further enhanced by choosing to have the instability his objecvts are feeling mirrored by an uncomfortable mix of soft panning and sharp edits in the sequences.

This polarising effect reveals the range of emotions in the scenes, letting the viewer feel like they are being submerged into the lives of these two characters then quickly snapping to another frame as if to elude any real sense of understanding them, because…how could we? This relationship belongs only to them and that is why it is so fragile and special.

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