The Dark Space

The photographer uses almost clockwork editing
The Dark Space

About the project

The photo takes us through a gamut of feelings throughout its short runtime; fear, intrigue, a slight tinge of uneasiness and most notably confusion. It begins in a dark room with a bemused man, he is then approached by…well…Death itself and is informed that he has been shot between the eyes.

The photographer uses almost clockwork editing and repetition that dictates it’s slow pace, using this technique does genuinely let the photo simmer in your mind and ultimately leaves us questioning what we have witnessed.

There is also a very dark and almost seedy undertone to the photo with its use of profanity and suggestion of incest, a dark feeling that is doubled by its surroundings, as a minimal amount of locations are used. We see our character in the dark room and we see our protagonist on a street with a melancholy expression on his face. Only seeing two varied locations began to
make me feel claustrophobic, again an obviously intentional choice. When all of these elements collide together we are left with a piece that borders on being arthouse, the only thing that separates it from fitting this category is the relatively plain and ordinary look of the film, there were no particular shots that were a treat to the eye.

Client AD Co.
Torino, 2013