Remember Childhood

When out of the house of your childhood
Remember Childhood

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Now, when out of the house of your childhood you are departing. Where you suffered, where you joyed, in the old confused childish way, not certainly distinguishing things. Now suddenly, as you leave, how it all becomes clear, as in a kind of new and incomparable light! This is the corner where your little bed stood against the wall, this the window where the moon peeped, and the white and ghostly dawn came. These are the closed rooms and chests into which you were so seldom permitted to look; this was the daily routine of life which for some inscrutable reason was so rigidly adhered to. These are the stairs where up and down moved such queer processions-funerals and weddings, and bustling visitors and elderly aunts and uncles, and the parson and the doctor in their turn.

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Santiago de Cuba 2013
Vanina & Enrico - Castello di Nichelino, 2013
Dale & Nicola Walsh
Alessandro Borghese e Wilma Olivero