Natural Life

The visual trick here is to blur the picture occasionally
Natural Life

About the project

The visual trick here is to blur the picture occasionally, putting everything in a softer focus. This effectively conveys the horse’s disorientated state and, as we discover the details of the scene, appropriately puts us more in natural wildlife in the middle of Africa.

It is a particularly clever trick because of the softness and subtlety of it; there are much more visceral and attention-grabbing ways to convey the effects of the vast field, but the lightness of touch here suits the tone of the photo much better.

Beddoes’ main job with a film like this is perhaps to work with his actors to get the most of the script. That is precisely why Forget Me Not succeeds, because of the strength of Redman’s script and the quality of her and Soames’ acting. He does a good job of showing the multiple emotions of Freddie’s situation without letting things get too heavy. Redman, meanwhile, has great fun playing off the irrational, psychotic woman trope, adding in an element of love-chasing desperation too.

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