Young Generation

The photo uses a mixture of vibrant and colourful sequences
Young Generation

About the project

The photo uses a mixture of vibrant and colourful sequences, against drab and dull scenes to pick out the coalescing thoughts of our protagonist’s mood. The splendour of young people photo turning and wind chimes in the street are juxtaposed with bright day light.

In stark contrast to the colour shots of what is presumed to be the ‘present day’, in which Callum is seen burying something in a grassy area, the rest of the photo plays out entirely in bright and white.

This is a simple yet effective technique of creating an atmosphere of bleakness and isolation and highlighting how desolate and sparse the landscape is as Callum trudges solo through the wilderness in 2021. The areas chosen for the film are ideal, with one particular shot of a bunker covered in graffiti and surrounded by leaves really stressing the loneliness of the film’s central character. There is evidence that people were once here but now he is very much alone.

Client AD Co.
Alessandro Borghese e Wilma Olivero